How can you Donate?


-Donate By Check

Make your check payable to Project 360 Youth Services and mail to PO Box 741, Lebanon MO 65536


-Amazon Smiles

A percentage of everything you buy is donated to Project 360 by Amazon. We can be selected by typing in our name as we are registered. We remain beneficiaries of all purchases.


-Tribute and Memorial Gifts

This is a wonderful way to honor your loved ones.


-IRA Charitable Rollover Gifts

If you must take the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) you may donate directly to Project 360 and you will not have the withdrawal taxed as income.


-Planned Giving. The Power of a Legacy Bequest

Remembering Project 360 in your will or trust is a meaningful way to make a difference to the under served youth in our county. Your attorney or financial planner can help you with the wording that the gift be made as part of your estate plan. There are several ways to make a bequest:

a)SPECIFIC BEQUEST: Giving a set dollar amount

b)PERCENTAGE BEQUEST: Setting a percentage of your estate to gift to Project 360

c)RESIDUAL BEQUEST: Once you have determined gifts to your chosen beneficiaries, gift all or some of what is left to Project 360

d)CONTINGENT BEQUEST: Your gift is made only should there be the death of any of your named beneficiaries.


-Asset based giving-non cash gifts

As a donor, it is wise to maximize the tax benefit of your gift whenever possible. Your gift will benefit us greatly, but should benefit you as well. You may be able to avoid paying capital gains taxes and provide additional support by giving non-cash gifts. Non cash gifts are something of value that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not consider cash. It's anything of value that could be converted into cash

A.) stocks and bonds or mutual funds

B.) Antiques, jewelry, real estate

C.) Vehicles such as boats, cars, and other motorized items

The benefits of asset-based giving are:

A.) The donor receives a tax credit based on the worth of the asset as of the transaction date. This applies, no matter what the donor paid for the stock or item.

B.) Capital gains tax liability occurs when the asset is sold, so avoiding the actual sale has great benefits to the donor. By gifting securities, the sale never happens under the donor's taxpayer ID, usually resulting in zero tax liability of an appreciated stock. What might have been a tax liability now becomes a tax break.


As tax laws change, we encourage you to discuss your giving options with a financial adviser, accountant or attorney. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have questions.