Volunteer Training

Training  Offered Regularly

We ask all P360 volunteers to complete training so they are prepared and well-equipped to serve the youth of P360.  Volunteers who will have direct interaction with our youth are required to attend a Volunteer Training Session and be at least 21 years old. Youth opportunities are available during hours the center is closed.  All volunteers will be asked to complete a volunteer application and some volunteer positions will require a background check.  You are not required to get the background check completed until you are ready to be scheduled to work with the youth. The cost is $12.00 plus a small processing fee.  See Volunteer tab for link to obtain background check.

In the volunteer training, we discuss areas such as:

  • Mission and core values of Project 360
  • Volunteer position descriptions (roles, expectations, resources, etc)
  • Review of procedural manual
  • Risk Management
  • And more!

Volunteer Training Sessions are held  by appointment at The  Sound House  location  210 S. Adams Avenue (Old House of Ivey location). Our next training will be coming up soon.  Kindly submit your application. You may delay your background check until you have completed your training if you wish.  Thank you!

For more information about our volunteer training and opportunities please email info@p360youth.org